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About Us - Our Story

Great tasting food can only be made by putting together the best ingredients and then preparing and cooking them with plenty of skill and care. That is exactly what we do at Look what we found!

Our Ingredients


We source only the best 100% Natural Ingredients for our traditional recipes, and our British meat comes from specially selected and approved suppliers. We create warming, wholesome dishes that can be conveniently cooked wherever you may find yourself. We bring home to you. Because we only use the best quality ingredients and only put in what we really need to, many of our range is gluten free and surprisingly low in calories with no taste penalty.

About Us - How We Cook


We then place these ingredients into individual single serve containers, seal them, and gently cook them in our steam pressure cookers until perfect. All the flavours, aromas and goodness are sealed inside, protected by the container from any source of deterioration so that they can be stored at room temperature and remain good to eat for up to a year.

About us - Benefits


With all this care and attention we have created a range of ready meals that really do taste as good as homemade and have disproved the notion that long-life food must be tasteless and bland.

This makes economic and environmental sense too! By working with handpicked suppliers and making products in lightweight packaging that have long shelf life and have no need for refrigeration we effectively cut back on food miles, reduce wastage and cut down on expensive refrigeration costs.

All of this ready for you to enjoy in 2 minutes – simply heat and eat!