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About Us - Who Eats LWWF?

"Great tasting, single serve, 100% natural, ambient ready meals - just heat and eat!"

About us - Outdoors

Lovers of the Outdoors

Whether you are out hiking or fishing for the day or camping and caravanning overnight, our single serve meals provide a delicious meal in minutes – simply just heat and eat. 100% natural, lightweight, and with no refrigeration needed, they are ideal for slipping into your backpack to take out with you on your next adventure and can even be boiled in the bag (or even eaten cold if you have to!).

About - Health

Health Conscious

Many of our meals are nturally free from gluten or milk. By carefully selecting all our ingredients and ensuring that they are all 100% natural, all of our meals are also less than 400 calories, ensuring perfect portion control. Our meals provide guilt and stress free eating in a convenient format – proving that ready meals can be delicious and good for you!

About - Family

Caring for the Family

Our home delivered meals are quick and easy to use for individuals of all ages. With no need to keep them in the fridge they can be easily stored whether in the home, away at University or out on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition. By creating single serve portions using only 100% natural ingredients we’ve created great tasting dishes that dispel the myth that ready meals can’t be good for you.

About - On the Go

On the Go

With no need to keep our meals in the fridge they are fantastic for taking to the office or when you are out and about for a delicious meal in minutes – simply just heat and eat! Made with only 100% natural ingredients and packaged into single serve portions for your convenience, our meals are also surprisingly good for you too!